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Pachira Lodge Special

A reservation center on the net for Costa Rica's best hotels, tours, programs, car rentals and more.

osysi.net is a company formed by a team of young entrepreneurs with vast experience in the Hotel, Tourism and Internet business.

Here you will find the best rates on the net and all the information you need to plan your vacation or business trip to this fabulous central american country.
Your reservation will be handle by professionals on the tourism business.
Costa Rica's newest and best Reservation Center on the Net.

We have a big selection of hotels for your stay in Costa Rica. Choose from any of our locations:
-City Hotels
-Beach Hotels
-Mountain Hotels
Any of them will meet your expectations of quality and service.

   Car Rentals

Having a car for your vacation is essential if you want to experience Costa Rica at you own pace. Choose from any of this well known companies.

-Budget Car Rental
-Thrifty Car Rental

The best One-Day Tours are here for you. Take a glimpse into this countries history, experience Costa Rica's wonders, witness the wonderful power of our planet, travel through beautiful rivers surrounded by breathtaking scenarios or relax in the deck of state-of-the-art boats.
-Historic Tours
-Nature Tours
-White Water Rafting
-Sea Cruises Diving
We have selected the best programs you will find in this countries growing tourism industry. Check them out and choose the ones that best suit your interests. The let us know you decision and we will take care of the rest.-Biking
-Learn Spanish
-Open Voucher
-Sport Fishing
-Naturally Costa Rica
-Sea Cruises
-Med-Spa Resort
If you don't want to drive a car or travel by road you can use any of our domestic air lines. Both of them are very reliable and offer excellent service.

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General Information
Everything you need to know about Costa Rica


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